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Патчи для Lineage 2 Interlude, high Five, Gracia Epilogue и т. Для 1-75 левелов оставлено как раньше. Ru) · Скачать патч x10 с Yandex (Legend_x10_ver.

(The Raid total score has always been correctly calculated.

Lineage 2 Splash Interlude, Hight Five

The clan name changes colors in the character target window according to your clan reputation score. Alliances composed of four or more clans have been dissolved. Normal penalties for alliance dissolution should not apply. The From Beyond event has started. The weekly server maintenance schedule has been moved half an hour earlier to 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM CST every Tuesday (5:00 PM GMT+1 to 7:00 PM GMT+1). An herb buff will affect both master and servitor, but the buff duration will be 60 seconds, half of the normal duration.

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If a servitor is not summoned, the master will receive the full buff duration (120 seconds). Recovery herbs will affect both master and servitor. An issue with herb buffs stacking with regular buffs has been fixed. An issue where Echo Crystals 6th Carol – 10th Carol could not be used has been fixed. An issue where players were unable to buy items from the Seven Signs Priest in Hunter’s Village has been fixed. When Frintezza appears, characters who are located in the hallway will be teleported to the nearest town.

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An issue where two Chapel Guards would stack in the first Chapel entrance of The Pagan Temple has been fixed. The difficulty of Antharas and Valakas has been adjusted slightly. An issue where the minions would not disappear when the Queen Ant was defeated has been fixed. An issue with being unable to attack NPCs located on top of the outside gate in Aden Castle has been fixed. The Monster Race Track has been removed from the teleport location list in the 2nd level teleport options for the Fortress of Resistance clan hall. An issue with characters being able to teleport to Schuttgart Castle by using the Gatekeeper during a Schuttgart castle siege has been fixed.

The character who owns the Demonic Sword Zariche can no longer teleport to the inside of the Monster Race Track. An issue with teleporting to the Anteroom after entering the Raid Boss area in Dimensional Rift has been fixed. In the quest, characters are no longer able to advance to the next step by just delivering 10 Blooded Fabrics to Sir Gustav Athebaldt, Hardin, or Iason Heine. The White Fabric must be deleted, or made into Blooded Fabric in order to advance. Various text corrections have been made. The “Chase” button in the mini-map has been renamed to “Find”. The Community Server is now available.

Only the castle lord can now obtain the ‘Lord of the Manor’s Certificate of Approval’. An issue with the Betray skill has been corrected.

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An issue with the skill icons not displaying the refresh time when they are moved from shortcut window to a different shortcut window has been fixed. Various text corrections have been made. An issue with Mystic classes being unable to get the Recovery Scroll after finishing the tutorial quests has been fixed. An issue with some characters being unable to enter the inner castle has been fixed. The four doors located near the top bridge in Aden Castle are now closed.

Interlude приват патч от l2patch

Players can no longer enter the inner castle through these doors. An issue with the clan hall ownership transfer to the next winner of the Rainbow Springs clan hall battle has been fixed. An issue with the monster spawn rate in the Dimensional Rift has been fixed. All clan hall doors in Rune Township are now working properly. The incorrect tax rate for NPC Cema in Hardin’s Academy and the Feed Seller in has been corrected.

The Fall Harvest event has concluded.

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This week's maintenance period will be held during the downtime on Wednesday, April 11, for the launch of Interlude. There is no planned downtime for Tuesday, April 10.

Interlude приват патч от l2patch

All servers will be down for the launch of Interlude beginning at 8:00 AM CDT on Wednesday, April 11. The estimated downtime is approximately six hours. The first chapter of Lineage II: The Chaotic Throne, Interlude, is planned for release on Wednesday, April 11, 2007.

New skills and items, a high level hunting ground, and more will be yours this April! Adventurers' Guides and Event Gatekeepers will be back in the towns of Aden and Elmore to celebrate the launch of Interlude. From April 11 to 24, all players can take advantage of the Noblesse teleport locations, and characters under level 25 can receive special weapons for no charge from April 11 to May 8. Thank you to all participants who entered the Lineage II Wallpaper Contest! Congratulations go out to Azza of the Franz server, Darsain of Hindemith, and Verstal of Sieghardt for placing first, second, and third respectively.

Visit the Downloads secton of the official web site to grab the winning wallpapers for your desktop. A dark temple in Rune Township holds a secret waiting for curious adventurers to discover.

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Priest Dominic of The Einhasad Temple will share with you the amazing truth of a people hidden away from the prying eyes of the other five races of Aden and Elmore. Blank quest window issue has been fixed for following quests. Orc Mystics can now receive fighter buffs from the Newbie Guide. Area effect attacks do not affect players or monsters behind closed doors or walls. An issue that caused a rank to disappear when the clan leader changed a member’s rank has been fixed.

The levels of the treasure boxes located in Blazing Swamp are now similar to nearby monsters. Various text corrections have been made. HP/MP/CP will not be recovered fully on 1v1 duel and the duel will not start if the HP/MP is lower than 50%. HP/MP/CP will be recovered fully only on party duel. '/block' command will be applied to all communication channels, including another player's whispering (does not include Hero Shout). An issue with players not being able to use the Noblesse Teleport to move to the Coliseum during the castle siege at the Town of Aden has been fixed.

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An issue with the Breath Gauge not functioning properly in some ocean areas south of has been corrected. The number of guards in the vicinity of the newbie villages has been slightly decreased. An issue with the not showing the attacking motion correctly when attacking the castle gates or walls has been fixed. Miscellaneous typos in some of the quests have been fixed. An incorrect system message regarding the reward (Reputation Points) for completing “A Clan’s Reputation” quest has been corrected.

An issue with Sorcerers and Necromancer not being able to enchant their skills from Lich King Icarus in Hardin’s Academy has been fixed. The effects of and Abnormal status on the servitors Feline King, Magnus the Unicorn, and Spectral Lord now appear correctly. The items that drop during the Rainbow Springs Clan Hall battle, such as Hot Spring Nectar, Hot Spring Water, Hot Spring Mineral Water, Hot Spring Sulfur, and the letters, are no longer droppable.

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The Breaking Arrow and the Dewdrop of Destruction that drop during the Frintezza Raid are no longer droppable. The issue with additional PvP damage not being applied to the +4 Keshanberk*Damascus has been fixed.

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The arena for the Rainbow Springs Clan Hall battle has now been set as a no-restart zone. If players are disconnected within this arena, they must re-login within 10 minutes, or they will be teleported to nearest town. The issue with the Soulshot effect not showing correctly in certain location in has been fixed. After an item is dropped, no items can be dropped for one second.

The issue with the Unlock skill being able to open the Gate of Splendor has been fixed. The Public Test Server will be unavailable beginning at 10:30 AM Central Time (5:30 PM GMT+1) on Thursday, December 6, 2007. The expected downtime is one hour. Hellbound, the hiding place of Beleth, has been added south of the Wastelands near Gludio Town. Hellbound Island is the highest-level hunting ground in the game. It is not visible on the Mini Map.

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The map of the Hellbound can be obtained inside Hellbound.