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Отсортируйте моды с помощью LOOT. Overview of patches found on Legacy's Patch Central. My first post on nexusforumI'm sorry if I didn't clean up theformattingenough for easy reading. Al instalar el juego y abrirlo con SKSE me apareció un cartel con los siguientes mensajes: Dual Sheath Redux Patch Data Not Detected Please run the SkyProc patcher and activate the esp file - Bu.

Make sure you've set it to open with java platform and set it as default. You can change it back after you're done if that works, that's what was wrong with mine. This a bit old, but I know someone else is going to read it so I'll post what I did. I actually solved this in 2min, its a windows problem you must run command prompt as administrator and change the directory to where the. Your game may be located in steam folder, dunno I just hate steam. Now you are going to type (java -jar "Dual Sheath Redux Patch. Pressing enter will make the patcher run, dont close until patching finishes!

You're like a future predictor. I'm googling the problem and came across this thread.

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My problem right now is that Jswords. Esp are not being patched. Esp file cannot find the esm file even though I checked them and they're being loaded correctly. That is due to Loading Order. If you are using BOSS, the program is pulling the. Esms down, making the most important ones to load last and overwrite the less important. This is bad for the patcher, since it needs to load the. Esm before it loads the refering.

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Just open nexus mod manager and pull that Jswords. Esm up, so it is loading before the JswordsDistributionBalancePlugin. That will let you patch correctly, just make sure to run BOSS after you patch, so the correct load order is reestablished. Sorry to say but I knew about this problem already after watching Gopher's videos. I actually have a problem with the unofficial patches being organized in the wrong order and I end up adjusting it every time I run BOSS. Well, I didn't know about this problem until my patcher decided to tell me there was a problem, which made me want to check the load order.

Since you are telling me you are sure it is not a load order problem, my second guess would be that something is wrong in your data folder. And thats where I would check for any problems before googling like a madman. Either way, if that is the only mod giving you problems, I would put the. Esp in the end of the load order (. Esps) and run the patcher like that. Can you play correctly after patching even with that error? I mean, the effects of the patching prior to the error will be permanent, and even if there is not a complete patching, there will be a patching at least until the error happens.

I can't provide any other help, you may post your problem in the nexus mod page and/or send a message to the mod author and until you wait for a reply you may play by patching every other mod. Thank you for this! After an hour of trying to fix this, I was ready to defenestrate my computer until I found your solution. I kept trying to change the permissions of my Skyrim folder to fix the problem, but it just wouldn't work. EDIT: Forgot to note that before this method would work for me, I had to use download and install to open access to the Skyrim folder within the Steam folder.

Specifically, the folder for me was C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steamapps\common\Skyrim. Now using this is program is supposed to completely open up access, leading me to think that I wouldn't need to use the command line as an admin like Zullah recommends, but nope, still wouldn't work.

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Are you using any other mods that require SkyProc Patchers, and if so, are they working properly? If not try installing ASIS and see if you can run the patcher. If you can, then the problem is specific to Dual Sheath Redux. If no SkyProc Patchers work, then it is likely a Java problem. Where is your game directory on your hard drive? "That error is caused by bad windows permissions. Please check the troubleshooting readme for instructions on how to fix.

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Once you have it fixed, be sure to delete the old patch. Esp as it is likely corrupted and will cause future patches to fail as well. Hey all, It sounds like your having an issue with Jayus Swords. Jayus made his mod long ago, perhaps before the Creation Kit was released and at that time one of the methods to get things to work the way they were supposed to was to mark and ESM as an ESP. For the most part this didn't cause any additional issues until Dual Swords came along in my case.

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Step 1- Download the Jayus Pack for dual sheath redux (optional if you want to use them, and you do want to use them. Google It, I found it in less then a min, Post back if you cant find it. As you scroll down you will find Jayus has noted issues for being old, and you can click the link for a "compatibility patch", if you download the 1. Version of the capabilty patch for Jayus its all his content with latest patches, packed into proper archives, this will stop Dual sheath redux from b*tching.

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Note-- it will halt on the next error if there is a similar esm-esp issue, and Boss can warn you which one it is likely having issues with. Source -- Got that shi* working.

Are you using 64-bit Java binaries? SkyProc patchers only work with 32-bit Java binaries, so you may need to install 32-bit Java alongside your 64-bit. Well, two more things: If Skyrim (and thus, Steam) is installed in Program Files, then turn off your UAC - Program Files is a 'protected' structure. Another thing to try would be to set the. Jar's compatibility options to Run As Administrator; IIRC, there's a difference between running as administrator and setting it to always run as administrator, such as permitting hooked files to run as administrator.

Ok quick thing here I am having the same problem, I have both 32bit and 64bit versions of java. I have converted the Winrar.

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Jar file into a java executable. And as I said have the current versions of Java 64 and 32bit I have/still in the process of research yet no fix to this. Maybe someone has a clue? I also have installed the required mods for this. Try to move your skyrim folder to root of your hdd and then run the patch. If it works then you can move your skyrim folder back to where it was. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our and.

REDDIT and the ALIEN Logo are registered trademarks of reddit inc. Install the mod and any mesh packs desired using your favorite mod management utility. Activate the Dual Sheath Redux. You may sort this mod anywhere you. Dual Sheath Redux это мод, который позволяет в игре отображаться парному одноручному оружию. Если вас всегда напрягало то, что при использовании 2ух мечей у вашего персонажа были. USERS: After closing the Dual Sheath Redux Patch, there will be files in Overwrite (essentially a fake mod located at the bottom of the left pane if sorted by.

Как установить Dual Sheath Redux? Please read the entire description and sticky before posting for help. Try my other immersion mod Skyrim Coin Replacer Redux! ЗЫ: Dual Sheath Redux Patch - пропатчился, вроде. Страница 1 из 13 - XPMS+Immersive Animations+ Dual Sheath Redux+FNIS. Отправлено в Моды Skyrim: Перед установкой.

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A Lot of Dual Sheath Redux Patches //www. Tools used: Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 Audacity Audio Technica AT4040 Mic Nvidia. СКАЧАТЬ Dual Sheath Redux - модификация для тех, кому всегда казалось странноватым появление меча. Please select the category that most closely reflects your concern about the video, so that we can review it and determine whether it violates our Community Guidelines or isn't appropriate for all viewers. Abusing this feature is also a violation of the Community Guidelines, so don't do it.

Uploading this video to show ppl who are having weird problems and bugs installing these 2 mods. Few ppl think that Dual Sheath adds the animation to draw ur wpns from back, it dont. Thats from a seperate mod shown in this video called Immersive Armors. This video shows how i install them and how it looks before and after. Also to note, i did not install Dual Sheaths Optional files, i was just showing what was needed to make mod work as ppl assume, then install the optional files as u wish, i always rerun the patcher after any new mod installs or optional files anyway. USKP Patcher for RaceCompatibility.

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