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Heroes of the Storm Patch Notes – March 7, 2018. Перевернул всё с ног на голову: многие популярные герои выпали из меты, а те, о ком в последнее время будто позабыли, вернулись в большую игру. Патч Might and Magic: Heroes 7 "Update 1. Вышел новый патч для Heroes of might and magic 3: Horn of the Abyss.

Improvement] Calculations for what damaging moves to use have also been improved. As an example if an enemy unit stack is low in numbers or has low health the AI will no longer use its most powerful spell to kill it, but instead work out what is the most cost efficient spell to do get the job done. Improvement] Optimised AI thinking times on Adventure map, which are now near-instant. NOTE: AI interactions with forts still take up to three extra seconds due to the fort destruction/repair animations.

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Fixed] An issue/crash related to uninitialized armies performing checks for the pathfinding. Fixed] An issue related to AI calculations for reachability which could result in a crash. Fixed] A rare crash when interacting with a high-level town. Fixed] A crash during AI turn after a ship combat had been lost. Fixed] A rare crash with targeting spells outside the grid. Fixed] A crash with AI town threat sorting. Fixed] Weird movement (bridges/obstacles) and positioning of AI controlled combatants.

Fixed] AI skipping its turn when its first hero is in a shelter. Improvement] Added option to disable color coding of models in skirmishes. Fixed] various issues regarding keybinding displays. Improvement] Removed debug text from the Game Log. Fixed] Caravans that could not be unloaded now properly show up in the Caravanserai. Fixed] Quest objective counters are always localized correctly, even when loading a savegame from a different language.

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Improvement] The Tear of Asha can now be retrieved from the precise cell as well as its neighbours. Fixed] Masfar recovers 10 movement points after every manual combat if he has the Stables Buff on Academy 2. Fixed] After using a teleport scroll, the teleport spell will still appear in the spellbook with 0 Mana and can be cast again every battle. Improved] Sounds for creature animations are sometimes interrupted by another action.

Issue relates to multiple bugs relating to death and move sounds that are not played until the end, as they get interrupted by other actions in queue.

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Fixed] [AdventureMap] Unreachable Neutral Army is present on the map Savage Sea. Fixed] [Load/Save] Ships sometimes lose their ownership flag after loading the savegame. Fixed] [Load/Save] Autosave handling changed to the end of a turn. Fixed] [Save/Load] The user must rebuild the Thieves Guild building of the Haven faction every time he loads a game. Fixed] [Skills/Abilities] Ultimate abilities are not saved as learned.

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Fixed] [Skills/Abilities] Magic increasing skills like Gathering Storm or the Wisdom skill for the schools of magic are triggered incorrectly. Fixed] [Skills/Abilities] Elrath's Conviction buff will not increase stats after fight again/restart combat. Fixed] [Skills/Abilities] Silverback's Feral Charge ability can be targeted on an empty grid square. Fixed] [Skills/Abilities] The Indomitable skill does not work against Face of Fear and Mesmerize.

Fixed] [Skills/Abilities] The initiative bar does not update if the warfare unit has "Artillery" skill learned. Fixed] [Skills/Abilities] The Shantiri Titan's 'Rooting' ability has no effect. Fixed] [Skills/abilities] Ranged units will always use Defend when a creature is near them.

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Fixed] [Combat] [Skill] Clarity skill doesn't provide an extra action after casting a prime magic spell. Fixed] [Combat] [Skill] Bursting Rage ability triggers when the creature dies. Fixed] 'Cleave' ability makes 'Strike and return' ability buggy. Fixed] [Combat] The harpies return too fast to their initial position when using Strike and Return. Fixed] [Combat] Attacking with the Harpy/Fury unit will make the selected tile to remain active after Strike and Return ability activates. Fixed] [Combat]The death animation for the Gargoyles and Obsidian Gargoyles takes place after the attacking creature's turn ends.

Fixed] [Combat] Gold Dragon's Aura of Purity will not protect the creature against negative magic effects. Fixed] [Combat] Feral Charge suppresses Opportunity Retaliation. Fixed] [Combat] No kill notification when attacking a warfare unit. Fixed] [Combat] The Emerald Dragon's Acid Breath (buff) ability does not work as intended. Fixed] [Combat] The movement is not updated if the last creature of a round is also the first creature of the next round.

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Fixed] [Combat] Mephitic Scent: when killing a creature with this ability the creature gets an extra turn under certain conditions. Fixed] [Combat] Moving with "Shrouded" Creatures (Shroud of Malassa) has targeting issues. Fixed] [Skills/Abilities] Gust of Wind cannot target friendly creatures. Fixed] [AdventureMap] The "Champion Guard Tower" will appear on other factions. Fixed] [AdventureMap] Dragon Vein effect gets consumed even if the visiting hero has full mana. Fixed] Metamagic rank increase is not working in certain situations. Fixed] [Combat] Lightning reflexes on the creature Fury does not work correctly.

Fixed] [Global][Skills] Player's skillpoint gets utilised on unlocked skills after performing certain steps. Fixed] The Centaur Marauder attack animation doesn't fit with the shot projectile. Fixed] [Menu] Combat Speed settings will not be applied in game under certain circumstances. Fixed] [Audio]SFX is not present while selecting Artwork in Heropedia. Fixed] The lighthouse lose its controller at end of week. Fixed] During Week of Magicians, artefacts cannot be bought if the player has only just enough gold to match the discounted price. Fixed] Metamagic ability: Arcane Channelling works only for one combat.

Fixed] AdventureMap] Trading with heroes on ships is difficult due to small interaction area. Fixed] [AdventureMap]Heroes in boats can interact only by clicking in a certain spot. Fixed] various Out of Sync issues so they will not occur as often anymore. However there are still some scenarios were an Out of Sync may occur and providing us game logs for this issue is a massive help. As a side note if you do Out of Sync in a multiplayer match the save data will not be corrupt therefore you can re make the game and carry on where you left off for a quick work around.

Fixed] a bug related to joining a game lobby. Fixed] several out of sync issues in Multiplayer Games. When interacting with a Dangerous Cave in sim turns.

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When attacking an Enemy in Combat that has 3 Nature's Revenge stacks with a ranged unit. When attacking a small creature Stack with a Basilisk Lancer in combat.

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When a unit with a cover bonus is getting attacked by ranged in combat. Fixed] corrupted Camera at the beginning of a Multiplayer Duel Session. Fixed] an issue where the game got stuck in multiplayer in the AIs turn sometimes. Fixed] an issue where the game goes out of sync during th AIs turn sometimes. Fixed] [HUD] Title crashes after spamming two keybindings "A" with "H".

Fixed] [HUD] The catapult repair panel overlaps the dialogue between Andras and Kente on Final Map 2. Fixed] [HUD] Multiple issues present when trying to recruit creatures from Kuwananjaa, on Stronghold 3. Fixed] [HUD] Misspelled word in the description of Soulkey Shard fragment.

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Fixed] [HUD] No units are visible in the "unload caravans" screen. Fixed] [HUD] There is a debug text %stat1 %stat1. Icon present on the Scroll of Frenzy description. Fixed] [HUD] The user is able to open the skillwheel for a Hero that was defeated by clicking the level up notification. Fixed] [HUD] The 'Merge Armies' window is not affected by the timer. Fixed] [HUD] The Creature portrait contour is smaller for the standard units, in the town recruitment menu.

Fixed] [HUD] The auto combat prompt disappears each time the enemy makes a move. Fixed] [HUD] The players that are on closed slots appear in the Thieves Guild screen. Fixed] [HUD][Lobby] The Adventure Map Timer is functional on skirmish against AI. Fixed] [Menu] Kick button is present in the Duel Hotseat lobby. Fixed] [HUD][Lobby] Spectator Mode option is available for the client in the Multiplayer Lobby. Fixed] [HUD] Heropedia page access button is missing for warfare units in Duel Setup lobby.

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Fixed] [HUD] Several Spell Scrolls provided by the Academy custom lg Inscriber will have an inconsistency in regards to prices. Fixed] [HUD] Town governor tooltip text is too small. Fixed] [HUD] Sylvan and Academy faction logos appear to have low resolution when viewed from the hero screen. Fixed] [HUD] Sending a spy on a "Sabotage" action does not trigger any notification.

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Fixed] [HUD] The user can multiply artefacts during a trade between heroes in certain conditions. Fixed] [HUD] The teleporter icons on the minimap are too big and have a stretched appearance. Fixed] [HUD] Debug text "mName" is present for Anastasya in the game log of Necropolis 1. Fixed] [HUD] Blank hero portrait appears when attacking the Sylvan town on Sylvan 4. Fixed] [HUD] Host setting options are not greyed out for the client who joins a duel session.

Fixed] [MENU] Trailer is playing twice when the user double clicks on 'Trailer' option from Extras. Fixed] [HUD] "Level up" is not properly visible on the combat victory/defeat pop up. Fixed] [HUD] No tooltip information is displayed when the player hovers the mouse over to the hero in the ship (enemy or allied). Fixed] [HUD] Incorrect mouse pointer observed in the options menu during combat.

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Fixed] [HUD] The player is unable to open several menus after visiting a Den of Thieves. Fixed] [HUD] The description of the 'Soul Reaver' ability contains a spelling mistake. Fixed] [HUD] Incorrect spelling in the tooltip of the word, 'Border' present in the Options menu. Fixed] GUI - Minimap: All elements can be toggled off, but garrisons. Fixed] [HUD] Treasure Hunt map is visible when invoked IGM under certain conditions. Fixed] [HUD] The player loses creatures when trying to split a stack from his army and inventory with the receive unit panel open.

Fixed] [HUD] The player cannot interact with the Adventure Map / Combat map in the upper left corner of the screen because of the Game Log layer (chat-improvements).

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Fixed] [HUD] Every time End Turn is used, chat window is reset for all users in a multiplayer session. Fixed] [Menu] The "Continue" button persists on the mission select menu after using the Reset Campaign option.