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Requiem 20 Patch Central at Skyrim Nexus - mods and community

Disclaimer: This is not a call for donations, I only want to use this chance to explain the reasons for our policy change. If you have no intent to donate for Requiem, this is perfectly fine.

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In this case please stop reading here and continue playing Requiem. All the interesting stuff was in the previous sections. From time to time the question is raised where we hid the "Donate" button.

Up to now we answered the question with a link to our profiles and the hint that they can also donate Nexus premium membership for other users instead of cash via PayPal. However, it turned out that we do not really benefit from Nexus premium membership, we simply spent too much time developing Requiem, instead of downloading large mods all the time. All the other benefits that interest us, like larger inboxes for private messages and an advertisement-free Nexus are already included in the supporter userlevel. Since we have to pay a monthly rental fee for some of our development tools, we came to the conclusion that it is a better idea if we use donations from users to pay (a part of) these fees.

Therefore, you will find a Donate button on Requiem's Nexus page from now on. Update last Tuesday, most of you are enjoying the new version. However, some of you experienced new issues with the Reqtificator, namely BufferUnderFlow exceptions. In most cases these seem to be caused by azirok's Immersive Armor patch, which is probably simply the most widely used plugin that causes this exception. So I spent todays afternoon to download Immersive Armors and patch, build a debug Reqtificator and then pinpoint the troublesome FormIDs.

Requiem patch central

After some digging, I figured out that azirok's immersive armor patch contains exactly 3 offending formIDs that all showed the same pattern. The good news first: With a minimum of Tes5Edit skills, the issue is easily fixable. I'll explain below what in detail is wrong within the plugin, how to fix it and why this issue did not already surface in Requiem 1. Have a look at the image to the left, it shows one of the troublesome records in the Immersive Armor patch. As you see, the original record from Immersive Armors specifies a Keyword count of 7 and has 7 keywords in the list.

Azirok's patch however removes two keywords and adds two new in their place, keeping a total count of 7, but the KSIZ subrecord specifies there should be 8 keywords! While this inconsistency obviously passes the SkyProc import and export (since it worked fine for 1. And works ingame (since nobody ever complained to azirok about this, as far as I know), it causes issues as soon as one tries to modify this flawed keyword set with SkyProc, as we can see from the various stack traces from the Debuglogs you have sent us (see the code block below).

At this point I would thank all of you for your constructive feedback, nobody started a big rant about this and many of you uploaded their debug logs to pastebin before we did even ask for them. Java:130) #here is the access to the keyword set! Fixing this is easy, all you need to to is setting the KSIZ-entry to the correct value. The trickier part is now to find them. For this task I have provided a debug version of the Reqtificator, which will properly handle these exceptions.

Any weapon/armor record that causes a BufferUnderflow (or BufferOverFlow) exception will not be patched. But the success (or lack thereof) will be recorded for each processed form in the Asynchronous log. Txt (as the Debug Overview it can be found in SkyProc Patchers/Requiem/SkyProcDebug, Mod Organizer will have it in the "Overwrite" mod). If your load order contains at least one flawed weapon or armor record you will be notified about this with an intermediate pop-up notification. Once patcher has finished, open the Asynchronous log and start browsing it.

Processed] ARMOR: IATribunalHeavyRobeBlueCloak [02315Bhothtrooper44_ArmorCompilation. Processed] ARMOR: IATribunalHeavyRobeGreenCloak [02315Chothtrooper44_ArmorCompilation.

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ARMOR: IATribunalHeavyRobeRedCloak [02315Dhothtrooper44_ArmorCompilation. Processed] ARMOR: IATribunalHeavyRobeWhiteCloak [02315Ehothtrooper44_ArmorCompilation.

Processed] ARMOR: IATribunalLightBootsBlack [02315Fhothtrooper44_ArmorCompilation. Find these entries in Tes5Edit and correct the KSIZ-argument. After you have fixed all records, patch again and everything should be fine. Please do not forget to inform the authors of the affected mods/patches to make them aware of the flaw in their plugins. (azirok is obviously an exception since he has not been seen on the Nexus for some time. If the keyword section is not the cause of your BufferUnderFlow-issue (i. The stack trace differs from the one shown above), please feel free to comment here.

Bonus Question: Why did this not happen in 1. Well, the answer is relatively simple: The code block that triggers this behaviour did not change between Requiem 1. DienesToo, the SkyProc library maintainer, implemented a I asked him for. Also he implemented some changes to the involved helper library "lev", so one of these library changes is likely responsible for now triggering this issue. It seems to me that we identified a bug in the SkyProc library by accident. I will continue my investigation of this issue (probably together with DienesToo) to provide a proper solution for this issue in the future.

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I assume that it is possible to correct these records upon importing them to SkyProc and thus solve the issue before it can cause trouble. I know it's not yet Christmas Eve, but I assume that most of you won't have any problems with an early Christmas gift if it's a new Requiem version. Is now available for download on the Skyrim Nexus. Rebalanced Illusion: The resistance formulas have been tweaked to provide for a smoother progression in the early stages. Furthermore Draugr, Automatons and Daedra are no longer immune up to a certain spell tier, but instead now have racial resistance bonuses.

Thus they are no longer immune to low-end spells but fatally susceptible to high-level spells. Finally, we also reworked the XP-formula, giving you higher overall XP for mind-manipulating spells and extra rewards for dominating strong targets. Rebalanced Archery: We have revamped the differences between light and heavy ranged weapons after the complaints in the previous version about the fact that heavy weapons are mostly useless. Heavy weapons now fire faster, especially the heavy bow fires almost as fast as a shortbow.

However, it will drain considerably more stamina and is thus not a good choice for newbie characters. The heavy crossbow on the other hand still reloads noticeably slower (6 vs 4 seconds without Rapid Reload Perk), but now has more armor penetration than its light counterpart. Also bows can now be really overdrawn, i. Their damage be increased proportionally to your skill, while crossbows continue to gain fixed damage bonus from perks. Reqtificator Tweaks: We have made various improvements to the Reqtificator, both to the user interface and its actual effects.

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For example it now remembers now your last settings, i. Suggests the folder you used last time and provides you with progress updates instead of showing "Done" all the time. We also included new settings for ranged weapons, which now should work without compatibility patches. New Game tests: This test is now based on the skill-increments you had so far and should be by far more reliable than the infamous old test based on ingame time. In addition it also restores compatibility with starting time changing mods like Wet & Cold Holidays. As a bonus you can also trigger the script init by opening your magic or inventory menu.

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Keyword-based Ammoweight: The weight of arrows/bolts is now also a keyword-based implementation. This means that ammo mods can easily create patches to give their projectiles the desired weight without having to hijack our scripts. (By default Requiem assumes normal weight, i. The weight of steel arrows or 0. Units for all unknown projectiles. Dualcasting Mod-added Illusion spells: Illusion spells from other mods can now be dualcasted once you have the main perk for the respective tier.

Патч от v12 до v13 (3Dfx) Requiem: Avenging Angel

(Note: The Apocalypse compatibility patch will require a small update to benefit from this. You can directly update from Requiem 1. All you need to do is replacing the old version with the update (it's a complete package, so you need no merging) and then run the new Reqtificator to update your Requiem for the Indifferent too. I want to use this oppurtunity to thank again my wonderful betatester crew! Without their fantastic input Requiem would not be what it is today.

Have a peaceful (slaying bandits in Skyrim keeps the peace! Hi Requiem users, it's time for some new's about the next Requiem version, Requiem 1. And also some other things we have prepared in parallel. Before I start going into details, I will answer the one question you are most interested in: When will we release Requiem 1. We still have a few issues open, as you can see on the pie-chart shown at the right-hand side, but most of them are already waiting for their final fix confirmation from my betatester crew. All in all we are confident that we can release the update around Christmas, maybe even a few days before.

Those of you that read the Nexus regularly might already have a good idea what the new update will contain. The resistance against Illusion spells has been rebalanced to reflect the changes to NPCs in 1. Thanks to the work of the user we now have a set of Requiem artworks dedicated to compatibility patches available. If you made a compatibility patch for Requiem, please feel free to choose some artwork to decorate your page from. And don't forget to give Vallen128 (and the other users who contributed to the original artwork) some well-deserved kudos at the Nexus!

We will resume our work on maintaining an official compatibility list after the Requiem 1. Recently a user asked me how he could change the appeareance of bandits in Requiem 1. Because he preferred some of the Vanilla bandit looks over those presets we chose for Requiem 1. After our experiences in the past that other modders and patch-makers might become interested in integrating their mods into Requiem features once their community pushes them to do so, we designed this system such that it can be easily adjusted or extended by other users.

In the current release as well as Requiem 1. You can already modify the visual appearances of the ActorVariations (at present guards and bandits) in several ways.

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You can adjust the look of existing templates to your likings or even add additional templates to improve the visual variety even further. The detailed instructions (and the explanation of the flowchart on the right) can be found at. Also note that I have updated Requiem's permission scheme at the Nexus to reflect this new kind of addon I hope to see soon at the Nexus. (For those that don't know it: The permissions of a mod can be displayed by clicking the small "P" button below the download counters.

Патч от v12 до v13 (3Dfx) Requiem: Avenging Angel

I think this component of Requiem should behave in a different way. But I have so many mods installed, is it a really a Requiem issue or a compatibility issue on my end? Is it even an issue at all or do I only have the wrong expectations? I bet most of you already had this feeling at some point of the Requiem journey. Sometimes a look at the manual can answer the question, but many aspects of Requiem are not yet covered in enough detail there.

In these cases answering the question usually means that you have to ask it either at the Nexus Forums (or at reddit) and then it might well happen that you have to endure the "you should have searched first" sermon of a forum vigilant before you finally get your answer.

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Given the high influx of posts at the Nexus (on busy days we have 50-100 new posts), searching the Nexus forums can be quite cumbersome. (I recently failed to find one of my own posts and I knew what I was looking for. Especially annoying it becomes, if you think you found a bug and then you end up with "this was reported X times before.

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" after posting a question/report at the Nexus. For this particular issue, we can now offer a solution.